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Convert Fat into Muscle

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The question that has baffled man for long is that, CAN FAT BE TURNED INTO MUSCLE? This has elicited opinions from experts to novices. The opinion here is debated and definitive answer has come forth.

After reading a lot of material and interviewing experts the conclusion that this author come to is, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TURN FAT INTO MUSCLE. Fat and muscle are two different types of body tissues are two different type of cell structure and cannot change into one another. The process of muscle building and reducing fat are completely unrelated.

Here is an explanation for the above theory:

•    For every pound of weight we lift, our body burn about 50 calories. Muscle building in a nutshell is putting pressure in different parts of the body, so that it expands.

•    During the weight lifting schedule, our body uses carbohydrate stores in our body for energy the more intense the work out, the more carbohydrates are depleted. Fats present are not used as a source of energy.

So if you are under the impression that you will be able to turn your fat into envious biceps you would be disappointed. However if you are able to chart out a proper workout regime combined with a effective diet this will work wonders.

Here is how you go about it:

The Diet – There is a misconception that eating less will cause problems. This is false and improper or less eating will cause further problems of dizziness and headache. One has to control what one eats. Many obese people have the habit of binge eating. They should stop this habit, even if they have to take professional help. They should consume citrus fruits as this fight fats that get stored in the blood cells. If they start working out, then they require a lot of energy and so they have to consume carbohydrates.

The Workout Schedule – When one starts working out, initially one should focus on simple and basic exercises to increase the stamina. Trainers generally advise people to do a lot of stretching exercises. You can also jog for half an hour every day. This is a great way to burn calories. After a week your body will be flexible and you can start with lifting light weights. You then gradually increase the number of pounds as and when you feel comfortable. You also continue with the cardio exercises. Cardio exercises and. weight lifting will turn that fat into muscle.

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